Welcome to DragonTech!

A hearty welcome to all of you for coming over to check out DragonTech.  While this is primarily my blog for clients, a few select members of my team have opted to join in and provide their expertise and thoughts as well.  This will give all of you a very well-rounded experience with us.

What is DragonTech about?  It’s a simple goal really.  We here at PC Mall’s SMB division have SO much information to pass on to all of our clients and potential clients…but even if we called every single one of you every time something interesting came up, we’d never be able to place your orders!  Our goal here is to show you what’s new and worth your time, where to go to learn more information, how you can take advantage of programs from both PC Mall and our manufacturers…helping to stretch your bottom line and bring you the help you need.

Stay tuned for more posts, and especially SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS/EMAIL FEED.  Please feel free to post comments, or contact us for more information.  Want help finding or have questions about something in particular?  Just use our Contact Us form or call me (800-555-6255 x55517) and we’ll be able to help you.

Glad to have you here.

Best Wishes,

Mike Leader

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