Managing Your Systems: Part 1 – Dell KACE

by Mike Leader & Thaddeus Dilday

Here’s the first in a series of posts on ways to manage all of the things you’re responsible for every day.  So, how are you managing your systems?  If you haven’t thought about this already, it’s going to come back and bite you in the future…if you’ve already got a solution, let’s think about what you’re using now and how it meets your needs.

As your day fills up with a multitude of requests, what plans do you have to make sure everything gets done so you can get home and a) enjoy a good dinner, b) frag some gamers online, c) watch your team kick some butt/get theirs kicked, or d) all of the above?  Is what you’re doing now enough to properly manage all of what is running around on your networks?

The Dell KACE Systems Management Appliance is easy-to-use, comprehensive and affordable and fulfills all of the systems management needs of an organization including device discovery and inventory, software distribution, configuration management, patch management, security audit and enforcement, asset management, help desk, remote control and reporting.  The Dell KACE Systems Deployment Appliance addresses an organization’s systems deployment needs including computer inventory assessment, OS and application provisioning, migration and recovery.  There are so many functions these units perform that it is impossible for me to go through them all.  Check out the following web link to learn more

Dell KACE Appliance Benefits:

  • Deploy in One Day
  • Train in Hours
  • Lowest Total Cost Compared to Software Alternatives
  • No Hardware or Software Pre-requisites
  • No Professional Service Fees

I would encourage you to learn more by attending one of Dell’s live or on-demand demonstrations that can be found at this link.  PC Mall has had a great partnership with the folks at Dell this year, and with opportunities like this for our clients, things only open up even better!


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