Tradin’ & Savin’ on Printers…

OK, so I’ve already been asked about special deals I can find.  Well…that’s not too difficult, but I’m not a fan of speeds, feeds and just throwing prices around like most other people do.  So instead of that, let me show you how to make some money back on those viciously expensive printers out there.

A good deal of the clients I work with utilize HP as their printer of choice…but so few people know about the program that HP is using to give back to the planet, and save you some money and time.  Who doesn’t want those three things?  Look, when you’ve got a printer that’s past it’s prime, broken beyond your capabilities to fix (or care to fix), you can’t just chuck it in the bin.  You could hire someone to haul it away, but they CHARGE for that!  HP has something that really takes the sting out of replacing printing equipment.

First, let’s determine what new HP printer you’d like to replace what you currently have.  Take a look at this PDF from HP it will give you an idea of what is available, and what you can get for trading in a printer to them.  So, the first step is buying a new HP printer from that pdf list.  Then, after you get it, go to this site at and fill out the form.  To claim your rebate, head over here and select the printer you have and are going to ship back to them.  Once done, they’ll send you a UPS call tag for it…and away it goes!  (Max weight on the trade-in is 50lbs.)  Once they receive that old printer…working, not working, inkjet, toner, whatever manufacturer…they’ll cut you a rebate check based on the printer you bought.  (See the above PDF.)

Simple isn’t it?

(For those of you who just want a flipping awesome deal…OK I’ll cave and give you this here.  Yup, a $1600 printer for $598.  Give us a call if you want one. 🙂


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