ioSafe – Disaster Proof Hardware and Data Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) is something that we all need to plan for…because if you’re not totally secure in your plan, and disaster strikes, it can almost undo a company entirely.  Statistics say that 80-90% of companies who suffers a major data loss will close within a year. (DTI/PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2004)  Couple that with the fact that 30% of small businesses in the US are affected by natural disasters (fire, flood, etc.)…there is a way around that kind of risk if it concerns you.

The folks at ioSafe have produced a series of drives that are fireproof and waterproof, up to certain extremes.  They like to call this the “black box” for your data…to further help insure its safety.  We all know that data retrieval companies charge a lot of money to bring back your data…and I would prefer to be better prepared than to have to pay later to fix something I could have helped prevent.

This may not apply to all of you, but for a little bit higher price than a normal drive, you can have a bit more piece of mind than before.  A friend of mine had a house fire a couple years back, and it devastated all of the things he had…except for everything he put in his fireproof safe.  Papers, documents, photos, even money and jewelry were safe there.  That little $400 investment saved him a small fortune.  Nothing says you can’t prepare for something like this in the IT world as well…here’s a solution for $220.  Have questions?  Give us a call right now and let’s talk about your DR plan. J


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