Microsoft’s Big Easy…

No, it’s not New Orleans...nor a great neo-noir film…the Big Easy is Microsoft’s program that’s designed to give you back money for purchasing their products.   So, for every qualifying product that you purchase, you will receive a subsidy from Microsoft.  The trick to this is that the check is sent through your provider of the software.  (In this case, us here at PC Mall.)   That means that the subsidy is applied as credit through your account with us to get whatever you want that we carry.   Pretty sweet eh?

The program runs through December 31 this year (they run it on alternating quarters), so you do have time to take advantage of it.  Here is a list of what qualifies for subsidies, and there’s a full excel sheet on that page.  For a good chunk of the product, it’s going to require Software Assurance (SA)…and I can hear some of you groaning…so listen to this.  Windows Server updated in 2008, and most everything else updated in 2009 & 2010.  What does that mean?  Well, SA through the Open Value program covers you for up to 3 years…and all of those products are going to refresh in the next 2-3 years.  That’s a slamdunk upgrade without a higher price to you…that and Open Value allows you to spread your payments over 3 years and not in one chunk.
See how it works?  Microsoft wants your money, but there are ways to get in there and fight to save money while using it.  Let’s talk about that…call us today.

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