Data Backup – Novastor

Hey…we all need to do it…yes it sucks, but your company can’t exist if you lose EVERYTHING (or even some things) right?  I’m not going to throw stats at you because I don’t think all of them can be verified…or like 98% of most statistics, are made up on the spot or to prove a point.  We all know that e-mail needs to be saved for legal reasons, your company’s documents and such need to be saved because they keep the company in business…so why aren’t companies making absolutely sure that their information is safe?  “Backup is confusing,” “backup is time consuming,” “back up takes up too much space.”  Those are the three answers you’ll hear, and they’re all pretty solvable.

I mention Novastor’s NovaBackup as an example of making it NOT confusing.   It’s simple (easy to use wizards, reliable (automated), Fast (quick file restoration through their TimeSlider technology), and Secure (military grade encryption).  Have Virtual Machines?  Well, Their BE Virtual software will handle those as well as Exchange ans SQL.

Their product is going to be low cost to you…which is always important no matter what anyone says…and has won them PC World Magazine’s “Best Buy Backup Program” .  It’s a decent product from what I’ve seen of it.    If you want to learn more about Novastor, you can check out their upcoming webinar on October 5 by signing up here.

Do y’all have any thoughts about them?  I’d like to hear it.  Write it here and I’ll pass it along to my Novastor rep! 🙂

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