Managing Your Systems, Pt. 2: FireScope

Howdy folks!  FireScope is an interesting product that is playing in the management space rather well.  Their primary goal as a company was to try and simplify the IT Infrastructure management issues that have cropped up over the years.  They reduced the need for a huge software architecture to manage a company’s IT needs down to 4 pieces of software…and most of you would only need one of them!

FireScope Unify is designed to bring togetheer all of the key IT metrics into a  single pane of glass setup for any business size.  It will help IT Managers truly manage their environment by being able to put in queue things that need to be planned and done based on how those things will affect the company’s bottom line.  To put it simply, it makes things easy to look at and understand.  My rep over there sent this note to me the other day about one of the Unify features:

FireScope’s Data Center Visualization capability can be your always-accurate map to the maze, enabling faster remediation of issues and boost operational agility. The feature leverages the latest web technologies, including HTML5/Canvas and jQuery, to visualize your data center like no other solution on the planet. Start with an overhead view of each server room, with status indicator overlays that warn you about service-impacting events. From here, drill down to the aisle and rack level to view your hardware as if you were standing in front of it.

They have 3 other pieces of software that will be useful to some of you, but possibly not all…so I’m only going to briefly explain them:  Orchestrate – this allows you to pull all of your configuration information together; Analytics helps you look over information from your infrastructure and plan accordingly for outages/growth/etc.; Comply helps you to better control your environment and how it’s used by aggressively helping you to monitor what is allowed in/on your network and equipment.

Sound like something that you want to use?  How’s this for help…here’s a free 28 day demo of Unify that you can download right now.


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