Cisco wants to give YOU money!

Well…not just anyone.  However, this promotion is rather special. Cisco may be #1 in the network industry (sorry HP, you know I love you, but you aren’t number 1), but they’re never very keen on providing bonus to their clients. That’s how it is when you’re on top.  Well, a recent climate change there has brought in a wonderful new rebate program that you can take advantage of if you’re buying specific Cisco products.

Right now if you’re buying or have bought any of the below products between August 1, 2011 and October 29 2011, you qualify for the rebate listed. Oh, you want me to tell you how to get it…only if I get half. 😉

Just Login to, select your products, fill out the form and voila! 😀

I just made a client of mine extremely happy with an extra $250 back…right Kevin?…why can’t you be happy too?

Routing Rebate
10/100 4-Port VPN Router RV042 $ 30
10/100 8-Port VPN Router RV082 $ 50
RV120W Wireless-N VPN Firewall RV120W-A-NA $ 20
Cisco RV220W Wireless-N Network Security Firewall RV220W-A-K9-NA $ 50
Switching Rebate
48-port 10/100 Stackable Ethernet Switch with PoE SFE2010P $ 170
24-port 10/ 100/ 1000 Gigabit Switch with PoE SGE2000P $ 125
48-port 10/ 100/1000 Gigabit Stackable Switch SGE2010 $ 180
48-port 10/100/ 1000 Gigabit Stackable Switch with PoE SGE2010P $ 250
SG 200-50 50-port Gigabit Smart Switch SLM2048T-NA $ 90
SG 200-26P 26-port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch SLM2024PT-NA $ 75
SF 200-24P 24-Port 10/100 PoE Smart Switch SLM224PT-NA $ 50
SF 200-48P 48-Port 10/100 PoE Smart Switch SLM248PT-NA $ 90
SG 200-50P 50-port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch SLM2048PT-NA $ 130
20-port Gigabit Managed Switch SRW2016-K9-NA $ 150
28-port Gigabit Managed Switch SRW2024-K9-NA $ 200
SG 300-28P 28-port Gigabit PoE Managed Switch SRW2024P-K9-NA $ 100
52-port Gigabit Managed Switch SRW2048-K9-NA $ 300
24-port 10/100 Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplinks SRW224G4-K9-NA $ 100
24-port 10/100 PoE Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplinks SRW224G4P-K9-NA $ 200
48-port 10/100 Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplinks SRW248G4-K9-NA $ 150
48-port 10/100 PoE Managed Switch with Gigabit Uplinks SRW248G4P-K9-NA $ 300
Wireless Rebate
Dual Band Single Radio Clustering Access Point (FCC) AP541N-A-K9 $ 75
Surveillance Rebate
Business PTZ Internet Camera with Audio and PoE PVC300 $ 80
VC 220 Dome WDR Day/Night PoE Network Camera VC220-K9 $ 80
VC 240 Outdoor WDR Day/Night PoE Network Camera VC240-K9 $ 90
Phones (US Only)
5-Line IP Phone with Color Display, PoE, 802.11g, Bluetooth SPA525G2 $ 150*
*Must purchase five (5) or more SPA525G2 phones to be eligible for a maximum $150 rebate

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