Blackberry: The solution is in the squeeze

So, with all this h-e-double hockeysticks going on with Blackberry’s services over the past couple days, I’ve had several clients who have been under the gun and pulling their hair out waiting for a solution.  While I’m glad that it looks like RIM has things under control…this is going to take some time to recover from on the business front.

Not that ONE major glitch is any reason to drop Blackberry like a bad habit, but businesses are jumpy about how they spend their money.  So when something like this happens, it’s going to be remembered.  Already my clients are questioning using Blackberries in their environment, because almost any carrier now can deliver the same quality (and now Apple has copied the same messenger service that RIM uses on the Blackberry with iMessage) that RIM delivered.

Today’s apology from RIM Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, while a nice thing to do, comes across very robotic.  It’s obvious that he’s reading from a teleprompter…and that’s disconcerting.  For a CEO of RIM to not be connected enough with his company to understand exactly what’s going on without being spoon-fed information shows a severe level of disconnect with his business.

Malik Saadi, principal analyst at Informa Telecoms & Media, said RIM would have to resolve the problem quickly. “The current situation with the Blackberry outages couldn’t come at a worse time for RIM, following some harsh criticism in recent months,” he said. Such crashes may lead RIM and others to “re-evaluate their reliance on centralised servers and instead look to investing in more corporately controlled servers”, he added.

Someone asked if this spells the end of Blackberries and RIM in general.  I don’t think it’s the end, but it’s surely a gut punch from the fists of innovation that will hopefully remind them that they need to push forward before they’re left behind to pick up the crumbs in the middle of the road.


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