Xerox Printer Promotion ALERT!

No sooner do I post the last bit than this stuff hits my desk.  Xerox is known the world over for their quality printers.  While always expensive, you do moreoften than not get your money’s worth out of them.  So, when something like this comes up, it’s hard to not share. 🙂

This Phaser 6360 model was recently over produced, but there was some overproduction and now Xerox has given us a special deal to push them out to our clients.  This model originally was $1599…but now we have them for $598.95. You can view them at that link, but if you give your PC Mall rep a call, they can bring that price down a bit more for you.

PHASER 6360/YDN: 7204130

Xerox Phaser 6360 leads the industry with best-in-class print speed and exceptional color performance. Easy to operate and engineered to meet the exacting demands of high-volume office environments.


Quick Specs:

–          Up to 42 pages per minute color and mono

–          First page out as fast 9 seconds

–          Letter / Legal

–          Standard paper capacity 700 sheets (expand up to 2,350)

–          Recommended monthly print volume of 14,000 pages



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