p455w0rD 53Cur17Y

Hard to remember for Humans , Easy for Computers


One thought on “p455w0rD 53Cur17Y

  1. You know what’s funny? This gentleman is RIGHT. Basically it breaks down that a program recognizes a password rather easily. If your password is the above it will see Letter/letter/number/letter/letter/number/letter/letter/letter/number/number. The numbers break it up and make the letters faster to identify. If you changed your password to “troubadorlovespie9” that’s a lot of letters to break down because troubadorlovespie isn’t a word in any dictionary, and the hack program is going to have go character by character…thusly taking forever.

    One of my current primary passwords has 6 words in it and I’ll never forget them. Why let computers rule your decisions, when really we’re all smarter than them!

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