Update on Thailand and in regard to Hard Drives…

While I don’t want to undercut the seriousness of the flooding in Thailand, but if you’re paying attention here, IT IS GOING TO AFFECT IT DEPARTMENTS WORLDWIDE.

Alarmist?  Maybe.  However, understand that Seagate, Western Digital and Hitachi all have facilities in the Bangkok area.  Currently, Bangkok is under 3.5 feet of water…and the flooding is getting worse.  Data coming in tells us that they could be upwards of 5 ft. underwater by Saturday.

All of the above manufacturers above have shut down their plants in the area…and there’s an unconfirmed rumor that WD has declared their facility a total loss.  I know that distribution and manufacturers are cancelling most backorders and won’t take any more backorders until product becomes available.

What does this mean for you?  If you need a drive now, call your rep here at PC Mall and order NOW.  We’re doing everything we can to secure stock, but there is going to be a mad rush in the coming weeks, and it’s a good idea to stock up.  I can guarantee that prices will skyrocket, and supply will disappear…so take that for what you will.

Have questions?  Call us now.  Get us involved early so we can help.

Update…I actually have pictures of the WD factory and the area surrounding it…They came from our friend Mike Sullivan over at RexMoore (through his contact at WD)…


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