HP Personal Systems Group (PSG) Announcement

After the debacle with their last CEO, HP’s been in a tizzy with rumors of their desktop/laptop division (known as PSG) being sold off and their cancelling of products and services.  The uproar caused by this was enough to choke a horse, and spelled a lot of tomfoolery and it really hurt HP’s place in the market.  Today I received an email from the Offices of Meg Whitman and Todd Bradley at HP…

HP Channel Partners;

Partners like you have made it clear to us how important HP’s entire portfolio of products, services and solutions is to the ongoing health of your business. On behalf of all us at HP, thank you for sharing your views and for your support. We appreciate your partnership.

After a deep data driven analysis, we have decided that HP and the Personal Systems Group (PSG) are stronger together. What this means for you is that HP will continue to partner with you across our complete technology portfolio.  We are committed to making the world’s #1 PC business even better for you, from the products and services we offer to the programs designed to grow your business.

Back in July, we restructured PSG to align with customer segments rather than product form factor. This approach improves our focus on capturing customers’ evolving needs and delivering innovation for them across our portfolio – from hardware to software to services. We will continue to drive initiatives that improve our quality, responsiveness and cost-competitiveness.

In closing, thank you for your ongoing commitment. You remain critical to HP’s overall success. We’re happy to follow up with you directly to discuss this or answer any questions you may have.

Meg Whitman

President and Chief Executive Officer

A step in the right direction finally.


Now let’s hope they further remember the Touchpad and that they captured a lot of attention several months ago with it.


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