Just so you all know…

WordPress thinks it’s a great idea to run content ads based on what this team writes…and could care less if they’re advertising our competition right smack in the middle of our posts.  It’s a great way to extort…err I mean force…no…coerce a blogger into paying WordPress $99 a year to remove ads from their blog.

That being said, I suggest that any of you reading this make sure that you’re blocking ads, popups, running a flash/java blocker in Firefox, and ignore those ads the best you can.  Oh wait…i mean that you need to click those ads so wordpress gets paid.  *eyeroll*


Back to the real world.  I’ve got several conference calls most of this week (as you all know) and it’s hammered my time to get some posts up.  I”ll be working on them this afternoon and tomorrow before PC Mall moves to our new offices in El Segundo.

Hasta La Vista! 😀


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