Meraki making a bid to be a bigger network player

I think many of you know how much I’ve been invested with Meraki. It’s true that they make great products, but it has been wonderful to watch them grow and form over the past couple of years (like I have here). They went from a tiny organization, and once they embraced the channel (or a select few from the channel), they exploded in size. Now there’s quite a few more reps than there used to be, and even I’m losing track.

At our Vision event back on November 3, I had a chance to talk with my favorite Meraki rep, and as always he was full of information…and a little innuendo that made me very interested in what Meraki is up to.  First off, they’re known for their Wireless Enterprise units like the MR 58 and MR24 that work with their cloud-based architecture.  For you to be able to control all of your wireless units from one central location…using simple web-based tools…is fan-freakin-tastic.   Earlier this year, they got into the routing game, utilizing the same cloud-based architecture working with their MX70 units.

Now, based on comments that I was given…it seems like Meraki is now aiming at the “pieces inbetween” what they already handle.  What could that mean?  Only time will tell, boys and girls…but I tell you…these guys have more potential energy than you think…and when their IPO comes along, I’m first in line!

Want a free unit?  Take a look at our webinars section on this site, and sign up for Meraki’s next webinar.  If you attend the full event, they’ll send you a free MR12 unit (their basic unit) for you to keep and use.  As many of my clients will attest, once you use it, you want 4 more! 🙂


(Note: Many of you have asked about my picture/signature these days.  I know it’s actually much more attractive than my picture…but how about you scan it with your phone? 😉 )


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