Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Howdy everyone!  Since I’m going to be out of the office most of today, and on holiday through the end of the week, I wanted to post this up now.  We here at the PC Mall DragonTech blog would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and a wonderful time with family and friends, at the start of this Holiday Season.

Two things…one tech, and the other not…

1) PC Mall has worked out a exclusive EARLY Black Friday deals on the new Macbook Air units that you might be interested in.  One at $799, one at $899, and one at $1149.  Take advantage!  (There are more, give your rep here a call!)

2) If you haven’t considered it yet for this holiday season, please donate food to your local food bank.  There are so many here in the US who aren’t able to have a family meal like most of us can at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays…but every can/dollar counts.  You can contact the Los Angeles Food Bank if you’re down in SoCal, or go here to find a food bank through Feeding America.

There you have it…have a great rest of your week…and possibly look for a post or two when I or my compatriots are not in Food Coma. 🙂

(for those of you who liked the Halloween jibjab, here’s one for Thanksgiving that’s a little racy.  you’ve been warned.)


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