Symantec Backup becomes even easier to manage…

First of All…Happy Holidays! 🙂

I know I’ve mentioned this product briefly before, but the Symantec Backup Exec 3600 appliance is a new product from the acclaimed security company.  Not only are they providing their great BE software for your backup needs, but this appliance also has the capability to store it FOR you.  Also, no longer would you have to allocate space on your servers or in your storage to push your backups to.  This device will help manage and control it for you.

It’s integrated deduplication, granular recovery and Virtual Machine protection (for VMWare and Hyper-V) does reduce your storage and use costs that come up over time with your backups.  Really, we all know that your backup procedures are always taxing on your time, and create a drag on your day that you could better utilize.

Why not take some time next week on December 14, and attend our Symantec 3600 webinar?  It’s a free training on this product and it’ll help you to better understand what the unit can do for you.

Before you ask…no, it does not make your teeth and laundry whiter, while doing your taxes and walking the dog…but all of those things could get done in the time you’re fiddling with your Backup Solution, if you utilized the Symantec 3600.

(While some of you might think I’m shilling for this…I’m actually not.  I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen, and if it can help make your lives easier, then I’m all for it.  Tell me I’m wrong and why. 🙂 )


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