How are you managing your systems?

This is a question that I don’t think that I ask enough to my clients…but that’s going to change.  Systems Management is a huge thing in the IT world, but it’s almost always out of the average company’s reach, because it’s expensive…VERY expensive.  You can jump over here to Wikipedia and see how many different kinds of programs are out there to do this…and they all have their ups and downs, their learning curves, and their costs (financial or otherwise).

LANdesk is great software…no doubt about it.  But, with the basic price for 1 year and the software at around $90 per unit, that’s pricey, and then maintenance agreements…and if you want anything specialized, that’s an agent you have to add on.  It adds up quickly…not to mention that it’s rather complex.  Not just them, but there are so many others that have the same situation that not everyone is willing to shell out that kind of money to manage their systems.

Then along comes Meraki.  I’ve spoken about these guys before, and my long time clients all know that I’ve always preached their products because of the quality that goes into them.  Now, they’ve taken that software that manages their wireless units & routers in the cloud, and applied it to Systems Management.  No tricky names here, the Meraki Systems Manager is a strong piece of work that delivers at a very low price.  Download the trial from their site, and let it start sending out agents to your desktops & laptops.  Here’s a short breakdown for you on what it delivers…

1) Live Diagnostics – Not only does it know what your units are down to their kernels, but what software is on them, how its CPU is being utilized, RAM usage, etc.   Now you can know at a glance what’s going on with one of your user’s units.

2) Remote Access – Need to remote desktop in?  Easy.  How about sending a message to a user or killing a process on their computer?  Done.

3) Inventory & Location Tracking – Now you can know what you’ve got, where it is, and how it’s being used on a simple webpage.  Who needs complicated software licensing from Computrace when you have an agent that’ll tell you where a missing unit is down to the street address on google maps?

4) Software licensing management – EVERYONE needs this tool.  You know you have to track your licenses with a complicated excel spreadsheet, or through a tool that a VAR like us provide…but why?  This will tell you what’s on your machines, and even if it needs to be renewed?  Jinkies!

And more than I have time to list.

Go download the trial today and test it out.  Have questions?  Let me know and we’ll get you on a call with our friends at Meraki to answer your questions.  Let’s cut your workload today!

Oh yes…and Happy New Year!  Be safe! 🙂


Addendum:  This software is now FREE for everyone to use.   Enjoy! 🙂


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