APC Trade In – Trade UPS

It seems to be a well kept secret that you can get some great pricing on APC UPS units even if you aren’t doing a $30K deal.

You can trade in your old APC UPS or a competitor’s UPS for up to a 30 percent discount on new UPS’s through the Trade Ups program.

  • The APC Trade UPS program is an easy and cost effective way to upgrade existing units.
  • You can trade in any UPS, regardless of its manufacturer or its working condition.
  • You will be able to purchase a new unit(s) with a new two-year warranty.
  • APC will pay for the return shipping and disposal of the old units.

How does it work?

You can purchase up to four times the VA you are trading in.  Also, you must trade in at least one quarter of the VA you are looking to purchase.

 You can purchase any combination of APC products if you know these two rules:

  1. The order for new units must be at least the total amount of VA that is being traded in.
  2. The order for new units cannot exceed 4X the total amount of VA that is being traded in.

 For Example:

You want to trade in a 500VA unit.

The new order must be for at least (1) 500VA unit, but can be up to (4) 500 VA units.  You can purchase any number of smaller units as long as the combined VA of new units is more than 500VA, but less than 2000VA.  You cannot purchase (1) 450VA unit as this would be below the initial trade in VA.

PCMall sends an email to you with the return labels for the old units.



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