The Cost Savings of Server Virtualization with HP…

Howdy folks…sorry, I’ve been out the past few days sick with the crud that’s going around…and when I’m sick that means no voice, and you can see where that leads.

I wanted to pass this special event on to you all because keeping all of you up to date is important to me.  This webinar we here at PC Mall are offering in conjunction with HP goes over how having an effective storage infrastructure will help aid in your savings from virtualization.   If that infrastructure is Highly Available and can grow without disruption with the virtual environment, you’re in the running for some real time and operating expense savings.
Join Markus Berber (Storage Product Marketing Manager from HP) and learn how through the HP P4000 LeftHand series, these goals can be obtained.  If you register and show up for the event, we are raffling off a HP Microserver ($350 value) to a lucky attendee.  Free knowledge and potentially free product…how is that not a win for you?

Join us on Thursday, January 17 at 10am PST.
Best Wishes…and we’ll talk more soon!

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