Meraki switches up the networking game

I’ve been talking to many of you about Meraki for several years now.  My appreciation of this company and what they were going to mean to the networking market has been solid since day 1.  They understood the Cloud before it became a buzzword, and defined a way to make it help IT professionals make their jobs easier.  Are they perfect?  No.  But then for those of you dealing with Cisco, HP, Juniper and other, lack of perfection is something you understand.  If you haven’t jumped over to the section of this blog and signed up for one of their webinars, do so now.  You can get a free enterprise access point for just attending.

The reason I’m bringing Meraki up again, is that yesterday they announced new networking products yesterday.  Products to tackle your datacenter…not only their cloud-controlled MX Security Appliances, but their new MS switches that are cloud-controlled as well.  Utilizing the same setup as their wireless cloud controllers, Meraki’s new switches allow you to access how each individual switch is controlled from anywhere with web access (including your smartphone)…giving you the ability to handle multiple sites from one location with ease.  Actually though, being the switch-hound that I am, I love the built in cable testing, monitoring and alerts…because nothing is more fun than going out to test ports and cables on a switch that’s acting wonky.

The big win here revolves around the MX Security Appliance line.  Note that these were routers, but they’ve expanded their capabilities to be so much more than just ONE thing.  Rather than have 6 individual devices, wouldn’t you rather have one?  So instead of the single branch router, firewall, site-to-site vpn manager, content filter, load balancer and WAN accelerator…you can have one MX Security Appliance?  They have models designed for small offices (1-20), medium offices (20-250), or enterprise (250-10,000 users).

Look at this MX400…nice, simple, and directly something that every company that has more than 250 users can use.

Am I excited about this?  Of course.  It’s a step in the right direction for Meraki, but most importantly it’s going to force Cisco, HP and other manufacturers to start thinking differently about how their products are placed…because they can’t buy Meraki out from under their primary investor, Google.

Go here now and sign up for the webinar next week on the 24th to learn more about their new networking products.  Trust me, I know how well these folks treat their customers…I think you’ll be in for a good treat.



4 thoughts on “Meraki switches up the networking game

  1. Mike I can remember meeting the Meraki Team years ago at the PC Mall shows. I have been using them ever since! They recently sent me another demo and it is working out great!

  2. Years ago they were so small…heck in the past year they’ve doubled their size and their sales have jumped 300%! These security appliance units and switches will do right by you, Erik….make sure and get a demo unit for the Switches when you can. Also, make sure and spread the word! 🙂

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