Microsoft SQL 2012 – just around the corner!

That’s right folks, I had a nice training today about the fact that SQL 2012 is coming soon, and how Microsoft is changing their licensing format for it.  Yes, the new release will be more expensive, but then Microsoft always raises its prices with each new iteration of their product.  The point is, who is helping you keep that cost down?  If you aren’t working with us, I think you’re selling yourself a little short.  Let me explain…

1) We have a dedicated Microsoft team to answer questions – You don’t have to rely on just your rep here at PC Mall, we’ve got more resources than you’d want to shake a stick at, and they want to help you!

2) Microsoft Licensing is a tricky thing to navigate, and it never hurts to have someone work with you to achieve your goal.

These two things are quite clear, and as someone who’s been trained on a lot of Microsoft (my own choice)…you’ve got to have a champion or two to help out.

Back to the original point of this was to let you know that SQL 2012 is coming in late March/early April.  In fact, Microsoft is holding an online SQL Server launch in order to help get some of the questions out of the way before the release.  Put it on your calendar to see…don’t make me call you about it. 🙂

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU IS THIS…If you haven’t picked up the recent version of SQL with Software Assurance, NOW is the time to do so.  Why?  Well you’re going to avoid a 21% price increase that’s coming…and nobody wants to pay far more than necessary right?

It’s easy and affordable…heck, it can even be financed if you want.  All we have to do is have a conversation about it.  Call your rep here at PC Mall today…and if you’re not working with one of this team yet (Myself, Thaddeus, Matt, Dwight, Alberto and Josh)…fill out the contact form here, and we’ll help you!

Have a great Tuesday! 🙂


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