Anonymous vs. Symantec: Round 2

This one just came across my email from this morning.  If you’re a Symantec customer, please be advised. 😛


Extortion failed – Anonymous posts Symantec source code

Tom Espiner, ZDNet UK | February 8, 2012 11:15 AM PST

Anonymous activists have released source code for PCAnywhere onto the Pirate Bay file-sharing website on Tuesday and the BitTorrent link was included in a post to the AnonymousIRC Twitter account, which has been used to publicize the activist group’s claims in the past.

“Symantec can confirm that the source code is legitimate,” the company said. “Be advised, we also anticipate Anonymous to post the rest of the code they have claimed have in their possession. So far, they have posted code for the 2006 version of Norton Internet Security and PCAnywhere. We also anticipate that at some point, they will post the code for Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition and Norton Systemworks.”

In negotiations between a purported Symantec employee called ‘Sam Thomas’ and a hacker called ‘YamaTough’, who claimed to be a member of the Lords of Dhamaraja activist group, which is associated with Anonymous, YamaTough appeared to be blackmailing Symantec for cash to destroy stolen source code, and the Symantec appeared to offer Yamatough $50,000 to do it.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous vs. Symantec: Round 2

  1. So, Symantec actually offered to pay off these goons?

    Man, I really wish our corporations were as amoral and powerful as the Operation Whatever Street chuckleheads believe. I would love to see some heads on sticks outside the Symantec offices.

    • I thought that Symantec had changed their tune over the past few years. Their products have become better, and they’re a charm to work with. I’m not fully believing this whole setup…but it still is newsworthy. I’ll be looking for other articles soon.

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