Service is King

Howdy folks!  I know that I’ve spoken with many of my clients about services that PC Mall offers, and some of you can speak to effect about how much we can do.  Really, everyone needs help at one time or another.  Whether it’s needing a helpdesk to answer questions, finding temporary help for large projects, fixing how a switch closet is laid out, implementing a project (VOIP/datacenter upgrade/VMWare/etc.), and many other things…PC Mall can help you solve these problems.

Most often I hear, “I didn’t know you did that” and that’s a fair assessment…sometimes it’s a little daunting to explain what we can do.  However that problem is a thing of the past.  This video from Phil Mogavero, our VP of Advanced Technology Solutions at PC Mall, helps explain some of our primary strengths.  Anything outside of those, we usually have a partner we work with to affect solutions.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  I’m always game to understand clients’ thoughts when it comes to what we can do better for business.

Have a great Friday and Weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday! 🙂





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