How to get Apple Certified…mmm certified

With the great rush of consumer items into the IT world (see my Consumerization of IT post awhile back) and a good majority of them being Apple products, what are you the IT person supposed to do when it comes to these devices?  It used to be that IT would dictate what machines would be used and how things would be run, but now, more and more top-level execs are telling their IT divisions that they want Apple right there on their desk.  How many of you are confident with those products?  Raise your hands.

Ok…so about 15-20% of you are.  The rest of you should get on board this train before it leaves you at the station in a whirl of leaves and old newspapers.  There is a way to do this without having to run around and look where there are training centers, or where you can go…

We can help you there.  (What? You didn’t think I had an answer?  Come on.)

PC Mall actually has classes we’re going to be holding at our headquarters in El Segundo, CA…and for those of you not lucky enough to be local to us, there’s an alternative.  We can come to you.  Now there are requirements for everything, and it does cost money…but wouldn’t you rather be trained by the team that works for Dr. Robert Kite?   Take a look at this document about what we’re offering, and see if it meets your needs.  Have questions?  Give us a call.  Interested in talking to our services division about this?  Give us a call.  Want to buy me lunch?  Give us a call.

(what?  I had to give it a shot. 🙂 )


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