The “New iPad” is here!

I’m following in the wake of the 128379283792387 blogs talking about this…because this isn’t really heavy IT/Tech news.  The “New iPad” (frontrunner for the lamest product name update) had some minor changes, but the only real major change was the graphics.  And a pretty significant change at that. The new Retinal Display compacts the amount of pixels per inch down to 326 pixels…somewhere near 4x the density of most other displays out there. At 2048X1536 it’s the highest resolution tablet on the market…I’m not precisely sure what that gets the users who are going to buy the New iPad, but I’m sure it looks good. 🙂

Signs also point to a possible shortage of the Retinal displays.  See here for more details.

Bottom Line:  If you’re interested in the new iPad, it’s a pretty beautiful machine…but if you have an iPad 2, don’t toss it just for a new display.

The “New iPad” will be on sale March 16th…and if you need to buy more than a couple units, give us a call here at the office.  We can help get your request into our shipments from Apple, so you can be shipped out on the primary wave of shipments.

Also, we’ve dropped our prices on the iPad 2…so if you want one, now’s the time to buy.  Remember, give the Dragontech team a call or email…WE can help you get what you want. 🙂


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