Absent but busy…

Howdy folks…it’s been awhile…but with all of the insanity around the end of Quarter, and the release of the new iPad, life’s been a bit busy to post.  But, true believers, it’s not like we here at the PC Mall Dragontech team are not thinking about you.  Yes, here are some of the tech news bits that I’ve drummed up over the past week.  I’ll be posting more over the next few days…some of which will be automated posts, but new things will always cause me to post immediately.

For those of you who travel or have folks who work for you that travel…here’s something interesting I’ve found in the New York Times.  Apparently the FAA is now doing testing on electronic devices that can be used during flight.  They even admit that the last time they did any testing was in 2006…you know, back in the dark ages before the glorious iPad and iPhone (or any other real smart phone) existed.  Granted, I don’t fly, but when I did, it was a pain to not be able to get my email, work on what I needed to work on, etc…because who can actually get any real sleep on a plane?  Anywho, look for this boom in tablets to affect every industry…even the airlines who will find a way to make $20 off of this somehow.

Speaking of Apple, they now have $97 billion in cash reserves and are trying to figure out how to spend it.  Good Gravy.  I’m praying that they give out free iPads to schools.  Heck, every school is fighting to keep up with technology…because state budgets are apparently better spent on Prisons than on educating your children…so why not reinvest in our youth again?  Not only that, but you’ll nail that ‘cradle to grave’ strategy that every business strives for.  Heck, Apple…iPads for textbooks for children.  Let’s help Americans be strong again…or at least let all the kids play Angry Birds at recess.

That’s just to start…more to come later this week, folks!


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