Android Malware Explosion!

Well, this was an interesting article found by DragonTech’s Dwight Tabangcura from our own Daily Breeze down here in South Bay Los Angeles.  It’s an interesting thing to see…going from 400 incidents to over 15,000 in under a year.  This relates to you in a very special way…say it with me…Consumerization of IT.

Your people are bringing in smartphones to your environment…those Android units are logging into your WiFi, and likely doing things that their users can’t see.  How are you managing those phones?  Disallowing people to have phones?  Investing in specialized anti-virus programs?  How about having software in place on those devices that will protect your company?

Where do you get that?  Check out our friends at Mobile Iron.  They have a way to help you manage those devices, keep your network and company safe, AND…it’s not going to eat your budget for years to come.  Solutions like this aren’t easy…but nothing truly worth it actually is.

Take it to heart…Mobile Devices are starting their takeover of IT…and your company is on the list. 🙂

(Note that I’m not bragging that I called that this would happen with Android over a year ago…but I was right.)




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