Why I love working with Dell…

I don’t think many of our clients understand how well Dell has embraced the channel over the past year.  They’ve followed suit behind HP who was in this position 10 years ago…and really are working hard to let us sell their product.

Now, I don’t know if you as one of our clients/friends realize how big this is.  Chances are if I speak to 10 clients, 6 out of 10 uses Dell in at least one way.  Two years ago, it was a chore to sell their desktops and servers, let alone printers.  Now, we’ve got printers in stock ready to ship right alongside desktops and laptops…that’s HUGE.  Heck, right now there’s a decent little mono printer the 1130 Single User…normally $120, now down to $76!  Right now if you’re looking at adding 5-10 printers over the year, let me know and I can talk to our Dell rep about getting a demo unit out to you right away.  Never hurts to try things right?  Options are good, and their product is good!

So there you have it…we have their products stocked and ready to ship…on the equipment side of things that’s a great thing to have.  If you have Dell in your environment, give us a call and talk to us.  We have an amazing team who can help you grow the way you want to grow…with Dell. 🙂


(Don’t think HP is slouching…they’re going to throw us some major stuff tomorrow with the quarter ending…so if you’re an HP user, or just want an awesome deal, keep your eyes peeled here tomorrow for something cool. 🙂 )

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