Consumerization of IT Strikes Back…

(Cue cease and desist from Lucas in 3…2…1… 😉 )

Seriously folks, if you didn’t heed my advice in prior posts about the Consumerization of IT…what we in the VARspace are calling “Mobility Device Management” or MDM…please take a look at some of the information I have for you here.

Hands down, if you work in IT you know that your users in your company are bringing in their own devices.  Whether it be their smart phones, iPads, laptops, tablets…you name it…it’s logging into your wireless and using your network, or it’s a tool they can use to work smarter.  In the end, I’ve always found that IT isn’t just about managing systems, but y’all are the core that helps employees work smarter and faster.  Why wouldn’t you want to give them every tool available to get their work done?  I’ll tell you why in two reasons:

1) It is a lot of work that you may not be able to do, or aren’t a specialist in

2) It is expensive work…or at least perceived that way.

There are solutions, and the work involved can vary quite a bit, that’s where folks like us here at PC Mall come in.  We have a team of experts in MDM that are at your beck & call…and they’re led by a well known expert in this particular field, Dr. Robert Kite.  Whether it’s Apple-focused, or other kinds of focuses, they can help you build a solution and implement it.

Not keen on bringing in our service team, or you’ve got less than 100 employees?  The easiest solution is from the folks at Meraki, who I talk about quite a bit.  The reason being is that their system is designed to manage content and access to wireless and wired units…all with a few clicks and pulldown menus.  Take a look at our webinar page and take one of their trainings!  Like what you see?  Let us know and we can make sure you get a free trial unit.

In the end, the most important this is to engage help now before the Wolf of Consumerization has already eaten Grandma Network and taken over her bed.  If you have any questions, ASK. 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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