What the…? (part 1: managed services)

One of the most often given responses to my statements about PC Mall and what we can do is… “Wait, I didn’t know you could do that!”  Why?  Well, people hear PC Mall and think that we’re a place to buy computers while stopping at Sbarro to get a slice of pizza.  Those who talk to us on a regular basis come to understand that not only are we a place to get progressively priced equipment and software, but that we’re a company that did $2 billion in business last year, and a large chunk of which was Services.

From installation to consultative to professional and managed, we act as a savior to so many companies nationwide every day.  Stepping in to solve problems that would take them weeks and more manpower $$ than it would to pay someone to do it for them.  Would you rather spend $50,000 in equipment and personnel time to fix a data closet, or spend $10k and have it done in 3 days by professionals?  That’s what we do.

Now primary to what we do are managed services.  What are managed services, you ask?  Well, this little article here covers them pretty well.   Give us a call so we can talk about what we can do to help you!

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