AutoCAD, APC and all the rest…here on Dragontech Island…

My apologies, I’ve had the Gilligan’s Island theme stuck in my head all weekend for no reason I can understand…so I’m sharing it with all of you.

I had started to write this great and grand post on Friday…putting in pieces here and there throughout the day like I usually do when I’m busy…and as I”m a few seconds from posting at 4:25pm…the power here went out.  Now from all of the rain we had on Friday morning, that was to be expected.  (For those of you not from Los Angeles, even an inch of rain here is like getting 5 feet of snow in a couple hours…it’s usually a disaster.)  So as we left for the day minutes later, I was thinking about those of you who have had similar experiences with power over the years.  While this was an isolated incident and we were back up and running in minutes…I wonder about those folks who need help going over their power situation and fixing it.  Our partnership with APC and other “power partners” can work to your advantage…whether it’s an assessment by one of the manufacturers, or by our own team here at PC Mall…we can help you identify what your issues are and help you fix them.

Secondly, AutoCAD and all of the versions of that software are now available from us here at PC Mall.  Our partnership with Autodesk is stronger than ever, and the 2013 version of their AutoCAD software is now available.  If you utilize Autodesk, you should give us a call…we can help you sort through upgrading and making sure that you’re completely current on their software.

There you have it…happy late Friday/early Monday. 🙂


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