Managing your systems for…Free!

The word Free is now an ignored word in many ways.  When people overuse it, the true meaning of it falls away into jargon and disbelief.   You hear things like this:

“Oh SURE this is ‘free’…I don’t believe it.  What’s the catch?”


“Nothing is ever free my boy, you always pay in the end.”

I never said there wasn’t a rider to something that’s free, but in this case, a single phone call is better than shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a real system to manage your environment.

The Meraki Systems Director is something I’ve been talking about with my clients for the past few weeks.  Recently, Meraki actually made it free for download, (in my opinion) to show everyone how good the backbone that their products run on, and as a thank you for those of us working hard to show others their goodness.  You can download it right here, but if you’re still skeptical of a Free system to manage your desktops, laptops and iOS devices…give me a call.

I want to talk to you about it…heck, I’ll even give you read access to my own Meraki network so you can see it for yourselves.  I’d like to hope that my happy clients would join in here to say what they said when they saw how good it is…because the shock & amazement is a good marker on how much something like this is needed.  (Hey, it runs on ANY network…why?  Because it only pushes out agents that report to your dashboard on Meraki’s servers…THAT easy.)

If you like it, I would hope you’ll contact us to help you purchase some Meraki wireless, Security Appliances, or switches.  They will compliment the System Director nicely, and you’ll be really happy for it.

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