Apple Flambé Anyone?

Caught this news article this morning from over at Daily Tech.  (Awesome graphic btw.)  Now, while Kaspersky isn’ t the number 1 AV software out there, their opinion should surely matter.  With Apple products now being targeted with viruses and other kinds of malware (malapp?  hmm…I think i should trademark that.) more frequently, Apple is now getting a taste of what Microsoft has been going through for over 10 years.

Think about it, Apple’s security notions are technically 10 years behind where Microsoft is.  Now they have a good chance here to catch up and fight a better fight…but it’s a STEEP hill to climb.  With FlashFake already driving them and their users nuts, I can see a lot more of these on the horizon…long before they get their security standards up.  With 4 million new & unsuspecting Apple users out there, there’s going to be a lot of falls before they can get to the summit of the first hill on this trek.

I’d like to be one of the first to welcome Apple to the real world, where real people are real jerks, and will try to really hurt your users.  While that may sound a little mean, I would like to also state that Apple and its users for years bragged about no viruses and malware…and pride always cometh before a fall.

Apple users…get a copy of Kaspersky’s software or  Symantec’s software for your computer asap…better safe than sorry.


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