Last Flight of the Enterprise

Howdy folks!  I know this post isn’t technical at all, and it is a little nostalgic…but growing up in CA, my family was involved with Rockwell and aerospace.  I had family members who worked on the original space shuttle, Enterprise, and so seeing it retired strikes a chord.

The technical innovations that drove the shuttles and their operations over the past 36 years…with high points and low points…show that humanity with a vision can do almost anything it wants to.  I had a chance to see the Enterprise when I was very young, and it was something I haven’t forgotten.  I”m very envious of the citizens of New York City today…wish I was there for this.

It’s days like this when I really do think about the future of humanity.  We’ve broken the atmospheric skin of this world, and have only begun to touch the endless void outside of our world…what else will we do in the next 40 years of my life?

Yes, normally Fridays aren’t very heavy, but take some time to think about where we are and where we’re going…it always gives me focus in my day.

Live Long and Prosper!


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