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The US Government?  Those guys who still think a Fax is an acceptable method of transmitting data?  Yup them.  Apparently, our president has made it a mandate for government agencies to make all information available to US citizens on their mobile devices.  Now as many of you know, this does require that special mobile sites be created and the like…but is this a necessary immediate step?  For our government, anything faster than a hobbled elephant is too fast, but maybe this political cynic will be proven wrong.  (I REALLY hope so.)

While the US Government is moving on getting things up on mobile platforms, it appears that internet ne’re-do-wells (aka hackers) are doing their best to take information down off of those platforms.  This great little article discusses that and how Apple is now under attack.  Apple-ites should now ask their Microsoft friends for a hug, it’s going to get ugly before it gets better.  While I’m no fan of McAfee’s statistics, they are sound and something to take seriously.

If you’re investing in a mobile platform and workforce, I’d recommend staying away from Android and working with Apple’s iPad.  As I mentioned in another article (and it’s covered above), the number of threats to Android platforms was 600 in 2011, and has jumped to over 7,000 threats in the first half of 2012.

Need help managing or looking into how to plan a mobile setup and how to manage those devices?  Give I and my team here a call/email.  We’re very good about helping you find out what you want to do…and get you started on that path.


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