TheWikiBoat & DDoS attacks today!

For those of you who haven’t seen this yet, you’d be well advised.  Now while it looks like they’re going to be attacking MAJOR corporations, it does make me want to ask the question of you…

When was the last time you updated your firewall?  If you’ve got a Cisco firewall, is your Smartnet up to date?  When was your last firmware installation?  Many more questions as well.  There’s always a solution, and if you aren’t sure, ASK US.  We’ve got backend experts on Cisco (gold certified), HP (primary partner), Sonicwall (they’re owned by Dell now)…and heck I can even talk to you about Meraki’s options.

Most important thing is that you’re up to date, and protected…no matter how big your company is.

Let me help you…let’s talk about it.  Click the contact button, or give me a call  (541 351 8845).



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