LG Cloud Displays provide shady rest on a blistering hot network…

Zero Client?  Why does that sound like a VERY bad sales month? 😉    If you’ve noticed, there’s a huge move towards VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in which lighter end-clients run virtually through VMWare or Citrix solutions, take a lot of the workload off of a traditional desktop infrastructure and place it onto a virtual infrastructure.   The traditional way to utilize a VDI infrastructure, or a terminal-based one is through thin clients or zero clients.  The market on these right now is in flux as VDI is coming to the forefront, so expect prices to go up in the next 4-5 months as more and more companies look into this as a potential setup to decrease costs.

One of my most favorite partners, LG, has their own set of zero clients, and I wanted to show all of you what they’re able to do in a nutshell.  Their products utilize the same Teradici chip that other thin clients and zero clients us…and some of these units are PCoIP specific for users that have only VMWare.  What it breaks down to, is a virtual desktop setup built right into a 19” – 22” LG display.  Of course these have a minimum 3 year warranty that can be extendable further if necessary.

The three units to pay attention to are: N1910LZ, N2210WZ, and the N2311AZ.  Take a look at the video below for some more information.  Interested and want to talk to one of the BEST manufacturer reps ever?  Let me know and we can talk to my good friend Tiffany over at LG…she’ll be able to get you on the road to Zero Client Cloud Monitors.  Take a look here for an informational PDF too.

Thanks! 🙂


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