The Circle of Battery Life…

Despite the fact I have Disney on the brain right now, when a topic on battery life comes across my desk, I always try to look into it, because it’s an issue we all deal with.  With better screens, better processors, more RAM…power resources seem to drain ever faster, while the time provided by lithium batteries just seems to dwindle each year.  No wonder people prefer tablets where they don’t have to change the battery, right?

So in seeing this article who’s headline proclaimed that Dell was seeing a battery life of 32.7 hours…I had to have a look.  Nope…total sucker-writing.  They only achieve that if they have multiple battery packs plugged in.  Let me see, but I’m willing to bet that those of you who travel with a laptop aren’t going to have 4 battery packs to lug around and plug them into your laptop, right?  What made me laugh was how the writer pointed out that Dell is making a special option to pull the optical drive and replace it with a battery pack.  Welcome to 2002, when IBM was doing that with their old Thinkpads.

You can only extend battery life for so long…so really, just buy a second battery at the outset.  You’ll be happier in the long run. 🙂


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