Windows 8….pretty cool

I always enjoy when a bit of work can invade my weekend in a good way.  It’s usually pretty rare, from meeting a client at Disneyland to hang out for a bit…to friends the world over treating me like I’m the Sherlock of computers & information technology.  (Really I’m not. 🙂 )    I say this, because this weekend I took the plunge and installed the release copy of Windows 8 on my primary PC at home.

Some of you are now screaming, “MIKE!?!!?  Not on your primary PC!”   I know, I know…but I had a gut feeling, and that feeling as it turns out wasn’t wrong at all.  Since I had all of Saturday morning to myself, I did the install and setup with ease…and went to town.  Now, maybe because I’m a Windows Phone user, and an Xbox 360 player, Windows 8 came naturally, but it made for a fun weekend experience on my PC.

The apps are nice and simple, keeping up with the live tiles format of Windows Phone and Xbox’s Metro setup.  There’s plenty to work with currently, and I expect a lot more to come at launch.  The feel reminds me of how Chrome currently is, and I expect a lot of apps will quickly follow the release.  On a note for businesses, this format is actually pretty easy to use for any Windows user…so if you want to bring it into your office, the transition might not be as bad as you think.

Just so you know, Windows 8 doesn’t replace Windows 7…it’s more like it’s an added layer.  You control the Metro Start page with the Windows key, and with two screens, it’s even easier to manage.  (The fact that the taskbar is on both screens is fantastic!)  The only confusing part was how to exit an application, but because Windows 8 operates on a different path than we’re used to, that’s why it was confusing at the outset.  Once an app goes dormant, by switching out to the start screen, the Task Manager “freezes” the app, and closes it after a short time.

I think this is worth your time to check out.  So if you have an extra PC lying around with at least a gig processor and 1gb ram…go for it and check it out.  Me, I’m STILL waiting for a beta or release for Windows RT, so I can get this on my HP Touchpad! 🙂

Make it a great week!


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