Where oh where has my Start menu gone…

Oh where oh where can it be, Windows 8?

Talk about moving someone’s cheese right?  After all of these years of tapping the start button to find thing and launch programs, in Windows 8…it’s gone.  POOF.  Nada.  Zilch.  While this doesn’t bother me like it does some people who can’t accept change at all…and seriously it’s starting to sound like someone needs to let the red swingline stapler go.

Is the learning curve a little bit higher than normal on Windows 8?  Yes.  Is it higher than OSX from Apple?  Heck no, it’s still Windows for the same folks who always use it.  Heck, like I said before, if you have multiple screens, it’s a great piece of software already…and will likely continue to be when it releases.

There’s a good article over at Computerworld.com about what’s good and bad about Windows 8.  Although throughout my running of Windows 8, I’ve had ZERO issues at all (knock on wood), and none of the ones he describes.  Mashable.com has an even more in-depth review.   It really comes down to the machine you’re running it on…and if you’re up to date (within the past year), it’ll be a smokin’ experience.

Tell me I’m right or I’m wrong.  I want to hear it from all of you.

Best wishes for Monday!


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