Coming to the Surface

As many of you know, Microsoft unveiled their own tablet on Monday here in Los Angeles.  The Surface is designed to  show off the wonders of Windows 8, and be a player in the tablet world.  This is a far cry from the tablet PC first introduced by Bill Gates back in 2002, and in this case shows a lot of promise.  Take a look at their promo video:

There’s no mistake, I’m a fan of Windows 8.  I’m using the release candidate on my home computer, I own an Xbox 360 (mmm metro), and I own a Windows phone…so I’m doing my best to not be biased here.  If Microsoft is smart about the Surface, and they can bring it in just under Apple’s price for their basic iPad model (Did I mention we have a 64gb iPad 2 on sale for $489?), that will help their sales and make things easier on folks like us to sell their product.  The pro version and its specs should push it up to the $1000 range…but that might just be worth it.

You can see from the video, there’s an attachable keyboard/cover for the unit, which is rather nice.  The colors are silly in my opinion, but then I always prefer basic black for my electronics.  Looking at their specs, they’re plenty good to me.  The windows RT version (basic) has a 10.6″ screen, 9.3 mm thick, just over 1 pound, micro sd, usb 2.0, and comes in 32 & 64gb versions.  The Pro version however is a bit heavier at just shy of 2 lbs & 13.5mm thick, but handled microSDXC, USB 3.0, and comes in 64gb & 128gb versions.  If you want those ports and a higher diskspace, you’re going to have to pay in weight.   Simple as that.

The case is something special.  Called Vapor-Mg (pronounced “Vapor-Mag”), it is finished magnesium, which can be molded down to .65mm thick (which is thinner than a business or credit card).  Not only that, but it’s more rigid than brushed aluminum.   With Apple moving to “liquidmetal” supposedly with the next iPhone (which should drive the price up), Vapor-Mg will give Microsoft a perfect counterpoint.

So I know you’re all asking…when is it coming out?  Well, based on the release date of Windows RT (used in the basic version of the Surface), which is slated for October, that should be the primary date.  The Pro version is slated to release 3 months later in January.  Can anyone say, Late Christmas Present?  😀

Thoughts as always are welcome. 🙂

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