Apple vs. Samsung – Round 2: Legal Smackdown

This just in…

(I’ve always wanted to type that.)

Looks like Apple got what they wanted in their lawsuit against Samsung for infringing their patent on the iPad.  (You know, the device that existed long before in design before Apple made it a reality…thank you Star Trek.)  The patent revolves around the design of the device and how it is similar to Apple’s iPad.  The courts originally told Apple no, but the court of appeals said otherwise, granting them a preliminary injunction (sales ban) against Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 and has pretty much forced this to a trial by jury.

Originally, Samsung countered this in Germany and other places by designing the Galaxy 10.1 N, which looks a little different than their standard model.  LOOKS.  This isn’t about the system itself of what the product does…Apple has stated that they’re concerned that Samsung is pushing “cheap knockoffs” that look like their product into the market.  My opinion?  Horsehockey.  Samsung is a competitor, Apple is sue-happy (much like Microsoft used to be), and Apple doesn’t like competition…from Google, Samsung, Microsoft or anyone else.  Other such knockoffs exist, and I’m sure Apple will find a way to go after Microsoft in the future for something to do with the soon-to-release Surface.

Like I said above, this is going to a trial by jury, so that’ll be the proving ground.  It’ll be interesting to see how this will pan out for all parties involved.  Maybe Apple needs to sue Paramount for reruns of Star Trek that have their pads in them too…they look awful similar. 😉

Lastly, before the Apple-fanboys get on here and flame me, let me say this.  I own Apple products, but I am allowed an opinion on their tactics in the free market…which are poor and heavy handed when they don’t need to be.


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