PC Mall Event: Secure Mobility Summit 2012

Howdy folks!  I’m fresh off of the end of the quarter, and after recovering from the 4th of July holiday (nothing like being around mortar rounds being fired off) I wanted to get this over to all of you.

PC Mall is holding their Secure Mobility Summit on August 24 at the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles hotel.  This free event is loaded with seminars all day that will allow manufacturers to give you the information about Secure Mobility that you’re going to need in the coming months.  As I’ve said many times before, the Consumerization of IT has hit us and it’s time to get involved now before you start taking punches to the face that you aren’t ready for.  We’ll have Seminars being held by Cisco, Microsoft, Trend Micro, Apple, Symantec and VMWare for free.  All you have to do is register, and you can attend.

Now kicker #1.  We’re also offering a special paid hands-on workshop on Apple – iOS deployment, being run by none other than Dr. Robert Kite, Director of Apple, Mobility & Consulting Services for PC Mall Services.  (some information:  Prior to joining PC Mall, Dr. Kite was a consulting engineer for Apple and he is the Author of the Xsan 2 Administration and the Mac OSX Security and Mobility V10.6 certification books.)  This training will be $99 until July 20, and after that it will be $229.  It will cover all aspects of deploying iOS into your environment from planning to installation & management.

Did I mention all attendees will receive a free Apple TV? 🙂

Interested in going?  Just click here, or you can contact your rep here at PC Mall to sign you up.

Now, as many of you know I’m going to be on vacation for some time over the next few weeks.  No worries…there will be posts going up from myself and Thaddeus as often as possible, and I”ll be having some things I’ve already written and are ready to go, pop up as well.

Take care and talk to you soon.  (If you’re my client you’re gonna hear from me today or tomorrow I promise!)




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