Magic Quadrant changeups

Good morning everyone!  “Virtual Mike” here with some interesting news about Gartner‘s new magic quadrant for Wired & Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure.  (That’s a mouthful for Wired & Wireless networking.)  While some folks don’t subscribe to Gartner’s rankings & listings, they almost always have a point to make.  Because of Consumerization of IT, CIOs and IT Directors are looking for and needing solutions and not just equipment.  The quadrant shows just how many visionary players are out there, and how they’re pushing forward.  The Leaders will always be the leaders, but with companies like Meraki & Aerohive leading the pack on the technical side of things, those are the companies you should be paying attention too.

I’ve been talking about Meraki for years now, and I”m going to toot my horn and say I was right about them.  These guys are looking to a future where wireless anywhere is easy, managing your internal devices is easier and free, and the software that manages your network should be as easy to use as possible, so you’re not wasting time trying to figure things out!

The Aerohive products look similar to Meraki’s, and I’m looking to see what more in-depth that they can do.  Maybe one of you all can investigate them for us and report back?  What do you say, my fellow Dragontech Lords? 🙂

If you want to free trial Meraki’s products (any of them) click here and talk to them.  They don’t sell direct, so they won’t hassle you…they’ll know you know me here at Dragontech and have me bother you. 😉


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