Symantec’s Backup Exec 3.0 Appliance

Good morning on this great Thursday!  As I’m writing this before I leave, currently I should be finishing up my visit to  Yellowstone, and driving down highway 287 on  the Eastern Side of the Wind River Mountains.

This simple entry is to talk about Symantec’s entry into the backup appliance game, the BE 3600.  This current unit features more Ethernet interfaces, two new tabs in their Manage menu in the UI: Reboot/Shutdown, so you can do that from the interface, and the console is also available in multiple languages.

Really the key here is the BE software integrated with the device already.  If you enjoy Symantec’s software, this device will make you happy.  Not to mention it’s cost effective compared to other solutions, so it’ll appeal to that as well.  What’s key to me is that this little guy is a DR device more than anything else, and that solution compacted down is the true reason to purchase it.  With many companies still struggling with Disaster Recovery solutions, Symantec has presented one that’s cheap, readily available and easy to use.  That’s always a win in my book. 🙂

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