Mac users paying more than PC users? [Op/Ed.]

I was thinking back to when this story broke, and all of the media was in an uproar at Orbitz for charging more to Mac users.  I understand, but I don’t sympathize.  Call me a cynic or an apple-fanboi hater, but if someone buys an Apple laptop or desktop, they’re paying more for the item than a comparable unit from another company…and the business mindset says, “well if they’re going to pay extra there, let’s charge them more for this other product too!”   Is it unfair? Yes.  Is it unexpected?  Oh heck no.

Apple users pay more for their accessories than PC users do, because of the perception that Apple is a premium product.  Most assuredly not because those items are of the same quality.  However, because that’s been going on for so many years now, Apple users are just used to the price increase.  For them to not expect that to bleed into other markets is just as unreasonable as Orbitz doing what they did.

I often tell clients that they’ll almost always get what they paid for.  Maybe not this case with Orbitz, but if the “Apple premium” is going to start affecting everything else you buy…maybe their products aren’t the case as well.


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