Howdy from Merna, WY!

Hello everyone!  I know I promised some pictures when I had a moment…and it seems like after a whole week I’d have some for you.  Actually, Shawna managed to snap well over 700 pics so far (my card holds 7000), and we’ll probably shoot another 1200 in the next week too. 🙂  Here’s a couple of them for you:

A badass in his 60s. Washakie took on a younger and stronger Crow chief (big robber) and tore his heart out. When someone says “get off my hunting grounds” they mean it!

Named for the actions of Chief Washakie during the battle

Take care everyone! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Howdy from Merna, WY!

  1. Oh we did and we still are. Just finished a full 9 hour day climbing and exploring Mesa Verde here in Colorado…and we’re off to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Should be home on Saturday…just in time to rest up and be back at work Monday Morning. XD

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