Smartglass is the future…

I had a chance to see a little bit of Smart Glass when I was a special guest of Microsoft’s Expert Zone at E3, and the more I read about it…wow, just wow.  This isn’t just a piece of MS software that lets you manage tv and gaming.  This is really a companion for everything to do with your Xbox, computer and tv set.  It works with all devices, iOS, Android, Windows…and is going to likely change the way you watch TV and play video games in the future.

When I say companion that’s pretty much what it is.  One of the examples was while watching an episode of Game of Thrones, the unit displayed a map of the show’s world, and relevant information.  A character comes on screen, their background becomes available to read.

This is what Microsoft wants…the Xbox console to be the center of entertainment in your living room.  For many of us it already is, and even they’ve started announcing that more movies and music are downloaded and played on the Xbox than games.  I know, I remember when Tivo was cool and everyone got one…but I’ve always said that first gen tech while being neat, always gets blown away the second time around. 🙂


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