Happy to be back!

Howdy everyone!  Hope you enjoyed the posts from the road…some were pre-recorded, some were posted when I had a few minutes and internet access, but mostly I spent two weeks resting my mind and opening it to experiences.  Every single place we stopped at on the trip, I had been to back in the 1980s.  It was amazing to see that not much had changed at the national park level, but watching my family’s homestead in Wyoming change was interesting.  Who’d have thought in 25 years the creekbed would move 50 feet?  Very strange indeed. 🙂

But like the title says, I’m happy to be back this week…and while I”m getting things caught up (on a conference call right now listening to a client and manufacturer chat about their product) through the mountain of email over the past few days…but I wanted to take time to post this and share a few pictures from my trip.

Ahhh…the Tetons. 🙂

Pinedale, WY – Rendezvous Pagent, celebrating the fur trappers who opened the western territories in the 1830s.

Dinosaur National Monument – Yup…we got to touch real dinosaur bones! 😀

“Take a picture of yourself, Mike…they’ll like that.”  Sorry, I tried to blur it more. 🙂

My second-favorite part of the trip…Mesa Verde.  We hiked down there with the tour group…worth the look to walk in history!

This is a Kiva, religious center for the ancient pueblo indians (Anasazi).

Let me know what I can do for you in the meantime.  Look for more posts to come!

Best Wishes!


Addendum: Since some people are fussy about wording…the term “dinosaur bone” is inaccurate.  They were “fossilized dinosaur bones” …and I hated to burst their bubble, but YES we were allowed to touch them.  You normally are not allowed to touch them in museums, but you can at Dinosaur National Monument for the $10 for 7 day entry fee. 🙂


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